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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Difference between Management Information Systems and Computer Science ( MS in MIS vs MS in CS)

The major difference between CS and MIS is that Computer Science course work will not have Management/Accounting/finance/marketing courses in their curriculum.

Computer Science specializations include Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Networking, Artificial Intelligence etc. CS Majorly deals with Programming and creating computer systems for today's world.. 

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Management Information Systems applies existing software or technology to organizational goals, whereas Computer Science is the study of programming to build those software/technologies.

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MIS majorly prepare Business Analysts, System Analysts, and IT Managers whereas Computer Science degree prepares engineers / programmers.

Which one has more Opportunities?

Both have their own job sector. Both are equally good. Some of the CS major jobs are open for both CS and MIS grads too. Salaries in both fields are good.

Will MIS have OPT period of only 12 months?

MIS degree from some schools can get Opt period of 12 months and no OPT extension where are CS degree can get you OPT work permit for 29 months. There are few schools whose MIS degrees are eligible for 29 months work permit after MIS.

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