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Monday, February 11, 2013

20 companies that pay interns really, really well in US Universities

Yesterday, Business Insider ran an interesting article detailing how much money interns in US Universities are paid at some top tech companies. The opening paragraph pretty much sums it up: 

“If you intern for a high-profile tech company, you can make more money than the average US citizen.”
The data was compiled with the help of jobs and career community Glassdoor and, according to the BI report, is based on anonymous salary reports voluntarily shared by current and recent employees, including interns.

While many of the names at the top are familiar, the #1 slot is actually held by a company you may not know: VMWare, who describes themselves as “The global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure.” According to the article, the company pays its interns $6,536 per month – which would come out to around $78,432 a year.
Also in the top 10 (with average monthly intern salary)

Facebook ($6,056)
Microsoft ($5,936)
LinkedIn ($5,808)
Adobe ($5,707)
Google ($5,678)
Amazon ($5,366)
NVIDIA ($5,215)
Yahoo ($5,191)
Apple ($4,914)

Read more and the see the whole list at Business Insider.

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