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Friday, October 16, 2015

Amazing Statement of Purpose for a Registered Nurse (RN) applicant

Statement of Purpose for entering into the Nursing program (BSN Transfer Option, ABSN and or ABSN-MSN) culminating as an RN with the ********* School of Nursing, ********* University Applicant name: ********* *********

Before I was ten years old, I had spent my entire life in a country at war. Coming to the U.S. in ****, at the end of the South Lebanon Conflict was to be a chance for my family and me to begin anew, and gain access to opportunities that were simply nonexistent in my homeland. It was a bittersweet time, and we missed our land greatly, so much so that I went back for two of my teen years to study. Returning to Lebanon, though, I saw my country with new eyes. Even though I was only a young man, I experienced and learned what it felt like to have a healthcare system not only bereft of resources, but populated with practitioners whose hearts were not in their work. Indeed, many saw their work as a means to an end, and were consistently seeking ways of earning extra money. I was shocked but not confused. I had seen injustice, and knew where I would direct my energies, my life’s work and knew with utmost certainty that the passion I felt for aiding those in need at all costs was all consuming, and true to who I am.

Earning my bachelor’s in ****[science] was only my first step. As an EMT, I felt I was making a difference, and gaining good exposure to all manner of patients, conditions and grasping the realities of public health issues and healthcare trends. I have seen and served a highly diverse population, and know that their needs will only increase over time, and that they need to have their diversity reflected in the healthcare teams that will serve them. What is more, this community in particular has a slightly elevated risk of experiencing preventable hospitalizations for a range of health issues that simply require better management, and patient empowerment via educational interventions.

While I enjoy being an EMT, I know that for me, my personal and professional satisfaction in my work, that I need to be able to build a greater rapport with the patients I will serve, feel a greater connection with my community and be secure in the knowledge that I am making a difference not only to my patients, but to their entire families and loved ones. As a nurse and eventually a nurse practitioner, I know that this is what I can accomplish. Nursing has stood out to me as one of the noblest professions on earth, and I want to contribute to this field. I know that I can offer not only my grasp of science, and nursing abilities, but something even greater than this, which is my ability to inspire others.

As a Lebanese-American and an immigrant, I know that I will be representing what can be accomplished with hard work, persistence and never giving up on our dreams. And like in my own set of experiences, I know the value and benefits of volunteering. I look forward to the chance to inspire others to give of their time, and to accomplish what would otherwise be impossible. I bring with me to the Nursing program a solid academic foundation in biology and [], coupled with years of direct patient contact in the field. Furthermore, I bring my cultural competence, my ability to reach out to my patients, but also my colleagues, to impart my understanding of the issues surrounding acculturation, and how to be sensitive to people from all walks of life and creeds.

The ********* ********* School of Nursing is simply remarkable, and I know that I would be assured of a superlative education. I have been repeatedly impressed with their dedication to a well-rounded, liberal arts education at their core, as well as an immersive experience for nursing students. The chance to learn from not only practitioners, but also researchers, both of whom are contributing and even guiding the field is simply breathtaking.

I look forward to the opportunity to learn and to give back to the nursing program, and my life ahead. For me, I cannot envision a life without service to my patients, my community, and the only field that offers everything that has ever mattered to me, the combining of love, life, service and science.